10 Best Project Management Tools for Teams in 2019

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Are you and your team looking for a new all-round project manager? We’ve shortlisted the top 10 best project managers to try in 2019. This hand-picked selection has shown promise as ways to organize team collaboration and communication in day to day work.

  1. Wrike (https://wrike.com)
  2. ClickUp (https://app.clickup.com/signup?fp_ref=0226f)* discounts below
  3. monday (Get 8% off with PRODUCTIVEWITHMONDAY) (https://bit.ly/2COYOH5 )
  4. Asana (Boards, Timeline) (https://asana.com)
  5. Basecamp (Messages Boards, To-Do Lists) ($99 per month, all inclusive) (https://basecamp.com)
  6. Hive (Real-Time Chat, Table Abilities) ($12 per month, no free) (https://hive.com)
  7. TeamGantt (Gantt Charts, resource management software) (Free (3 people), $50 for up to 5) (https://teamgantt.com)
  8. Airtable (Blocks, Custom Software, Templates) (Free, $10 per month per user) (https://airtable.com)
  9. LiquidPlanner (Time and budget tracker, Analytics, Dashboards) ($45 per month, per user) (https://liquidplanner.com)
  10. Notion (Team Wiki, Custom Layouts, Databases Views) ($8 per month, free for 1000 blocks) (https://notion.so)

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10 Best Project Management Tools for Teams in 2019

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With numerous companies looking for outsource projects, there is no other way that you will face any trouble in finding a perfect outsourcing partner, within your spending plan.

All but one of these apps are offered on both the iPhone and Android devices. You can find out the propensity of World markets and Currencies quickly, as well as the details of each stock.

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