#15 RxJava – Disposable and Composite Disposable – Why should we dispose?

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Do you know when you subscribe() to an Observable a stream gets automatically created so that it can handle the emission? And this thing can cause memory leaks and eat up our system resources. That’s why you may see a warning in IntelliJ every time you subscribe, saying “the result of subscribe() has been ignored”. Our job is to gracefully handle those subscriptions when we’re done with it.

Namaste everyone, in this video we’ll be showing exactly how you can deal with those Subscriptions when we’re done with it, using Disposable.

Watch the video till the end to find out.

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#15 RxJava - Disposable and Composite Disposable - Why should we dispose?

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This is among the replacements for android launcher and it includes soft buttons ate the bottom of the house screen. The drawer likewise consist all significant applications of phone. This Launch-X Pro is an application that not just changes stock launcher however it has more added advantages. Launch-X Pro also assists you in utilizing the type of home screen that you want for your mobile widget. You can likewise end up seven of them and have a cool one for yourself. One drawing in feature that you will like about this application is dock that is located at bottom of house screen. It helps Jetpack Java you in including any app, shortcut or folder that you want to have a regular access to. In truth, you can utilize several swiping by simply scrolling left and right. You can access all apps simply from your house screen.

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#15 RxJava – Disposable and Composite Disposable – Why should we dispose? mobile cell phone.

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