4 Best Infographic Apps for Android and iOS (2020)

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Which one is the best Infographic App in 2020? Making an infographic on PC is easy, but what about the phone? The video covers 4 best infographic apps in 2020. The apps offer many tools to help you create amazing infographics on your smartphone.

The video covers:
1. Canva (iOS and Android)
Canva is an online infographics maker. It offers so many graphics and shapes for free, while you also get backgrounds to your infographics more colourful.
2. Brochure Maker (Android)
The simple app comes with shapes, stickers, graphics, and text arts, but one thing which is the search bar is missing.
3. PicsArt (iOS and Android)
The photo editor comes with powerful tools to make an amazing infographic. It does not offer the images and videos, but you can find many free images, or capture your own.
4. Flyers Maker (Android)
Like Brochure Maker, the app offers stickers, graphics, shapes, and text arts and the additional feature is the search bar. You can search for the graphics you seek for.

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4 Best Infographic Apps for Android and iOS (2020)

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