#4 Setting up Repository and UseCase classes and injecting them using 'HILT'

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In this video, we will set up our Repository class and UseCase class also we will learn how to inject them using ‘HILT’.
We will build a GitClient App using the latest Jetpack libraries and AndroidX libraries along with HILT as a dependency injection library. This video series is focused on beginners who are new to the topic of Dependency injection and who haven’t used any DI framework previously like Dagger2, We will start from the very basics of DI and will move to the advanced topics like Dependency injection using ‘HILT’ in Android apps. We will learn to use HILT for injection dependencies using constructor injection in Classes and ViewModels too.

Link to Hilt Library: https://developer.android.com/training/dependency-injection/hilt-android
Link to Hilt (Jetpack Components) Library: https://developer.android.com/training/dependency-injection/hilt-jetpack

Source code(Github repository): https://github.com/iambaljeet/JetPackHiltDemo

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#4 Setting up Repository and UseCase classes and injecting them using 'HILT'

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#4 Setting up Repository and UseCase classes and injecting them using 'HILT' landscaping outdoor decorating.

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