5 Aplikasi Screen Recorder Terbaik di Android (Bisa Facecam & Livestreaming) | BANGTOP #2

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Oke pada video kali ini saya memberikan 5 Aplikasi Screen Recorder Terbaik di Android versi Bang Tutorial.
Pada dasarnya semua aplikasi screen recorder fungsinya sama, yaitu untuk merekam aktifitas layar hp kalian. Bedanya tiap aplikasi memiliki tampilan dan fitur yang berbeda.
Pada video ini saya sudah merangkumnya menjadi 5 aplikasi screen recorder terbaik yang bisa jadi pilihan kalian.
Aplikasinya bisa kalian download di bawah

Mobizen: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.rsupport.mvagent&hl=in
AZ Screen Recorder: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.hecorat.screenrecorder.free&hl=in
Apowersoft Screen Recorder: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.apowersoft.screenrecord&hl=in
XRecorder: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=videoeditor.videorecorder.screenrecorder&hl=en_US
Screen Recorder – No Ads : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kimcy929.screenrecorder&hl=in

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The Five Best Mobile Apps For Simplifying Your Life

New camera features were introduced which included flash support, digital zoom, color effect and macro focus.
I’m guessing if you haven’t heard of Shazam and what it does by now, you’re probably part of the minority.

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5 Aplikasi Screen Recorder Terbaik di Android (Bisa Facecam & Livestreaming) | BANGTOP #2

Others are the Google wallet, high-resolution displays plus more. So having had my iPhone for a number of months, I decided that this whole ‘App Development’ couldn’t be that hard could it? A marginal idea will, of course, have marginal results.

The whole internet is definitely changing. With the introduction of Android OS, many program developers have come up with pretty useful apps in a relatively short amount of time. The choices are there for you to see, some are for a fee and others are for free. If you compare it to the ever popular iPhone apps in the market, the number is not yet comparable but the number of Android apps is steadily increasing. The great divide as they say is growing by the minute. Fiddling with a couple of Android Apps yielded a short list of some of them which you might find very useful. Below are the top picks.

For years, Bill Gates and Microsoft walloped Apple by focusing on the Windows OS and leaving the hardware to others; does this sound similar? Apple’s Mac OS X is closed, and so is the market for its software products. The Apple App story started out with higher inventory than any other app store did because it was the only one that could offer apps for Apple products. Now, the Apple App Store is slipping into second place because of the flood tide of android developers and products-most free of charge.

Colornote – Are you forgetful or absent minded (it’s OK to say yes – everyone is from time to time). Colornote allows you to place editable post-it notes on your homescreen to help curb some of that forgetfulness. It also comes with a checklist which is great apps for programmers grocery shopping or other lists.

This latest version of Android OS the UI is faster and smooth. You will find easy transition when you are working with graphics, when you want to move between screens or even while switching amongst apps. This new version of 4.2 is all about boosting the capacity of CPU when you are working and turns it down a notch when you are not using your device. This helps improve battery power.

Of course, if you really want to 1-Up your friends and colleagues then go for some third-party android apps and games which you can get on the device by accessing the app market and checking out one of many third party app retail sites.

But anyway, the point is, this is a work phone! Don’t let that YouTube icon fool anyone… ahem. There’s even rumors of possible Exchange Support in an upcoming Android release which would be fantastic and allow Android to rival Windows Mobile phones with Outlook integration. One thing is needed however, if you plan on using your smartphone as a work phone. (Games! I mean wait…) An Office documents viewer!

Using the voice or hand commands will also let you view the different Kinect apps. Some of these applications include the ESPN channel and Zune music store. Users can use their hands to move through various music or movie choices in a sci-fi mode that will surely appeal to the techies in the family.

Not only has Android accomplished this since the G1, we now have 3D wallpapers. Compared to nearly every phone it outperforms them and has a very responsible price tag for all the capabilities you get.

5 Aplikasi Screen Recorder Terbaik di Android (Bisa Facecam & Livestreaming) | BANGTOP #2 computers and technology.

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