Accessible Audio: Android Hearing Aid Support and the Audio Framework (Google I/O’19)

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This talk is for media developers, audio hardware makers and hearing aid manufacturers interested in making audio on Android more accessible using built-in capabilities such as the dynamics processing effect (DPE) and Android Streaming Hearing Aid Support (ASHA). You’ll see examples of audio equalization using DPE to adjust for hard-to-hear situations using a reference application and learn implementation steps for hearing aid developer-manufacturers who want to implement ASHA.

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Speaker(s): Brian Kemler, Ricardo Garcia, Stanley Tng, Jonathan Hurwitz


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Accessible Audio: Android Hearing Aid Support and the Audio Framework (Google I/O'19)

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Accessible Audio: Android Hearing Aid Support and the Audio Framework (Google I/O’19) popular android tablets, hair removal, top tablet pcs.

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