Android App Project: Simple Grocery List App (Android Studio + Java)

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Android App Project: Grocery List App (Android Studio + Java)

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Project Source code : https://github.com/rajjani88/grocerylistapp

Hey, guys in this simple tutorial video you will learn how you can make simple grocery list app in android studio. This video clear your concept of alert dialog, custom alert dialog, list view , array list and insert, update and delete operation on array list.

concept covered :
1. alert dialog / custom alert dialog
2. ListView
3. insert / update / delete with string array list

IDE and language
1. Android Studio
2. Java

Previous Video : https://youtu.be/teaNKLb6l4Q

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If you need source code comment down in the comment section and i will upload it on git

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Android App Project: Simple Grocery List App (Android Studio + Java)

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