Android Architecture Component || Room Database , ViewModel , LiveData, RecyclerView (MVVM) #1

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Android Architecture Component || Room Database , ViewModel , LiveData, RecyclerView (MVVM)
In this Android Architecture Component, We are going to learn how to work with the room database, View Model, Live Data, and RecyclerView.
Once we add users’ data in our database we are going to preview recycler view.
We shall also learn how to manipulate data in our room database that is,
Insert, Update, Delete, Query

In this tutorial, we shall focus mainly on room database, which will include adding room database and lifecycle dependencies, create entity class which acts as our table name, creating the Dao interface which will provide us with methods of accessing a database, creating a database and finally our and repository.

Tutorial divided into 3 parts:

we shall learn to:
1. Add room database dependencies.
2. Add LifeCycle Dependencies.
3. Create Room Database Entity ( Users table )
4. Create Room Database Dao ( Data Access Object )
5. Create room database Database
6. Create room database Repository

We shall learn to:
1. Create a View Model Class
2. Create row items that will hold recyclerView items
3. Create menu item ( will contain update and delete menu )
4. Create RecyclerView Adapter
5. Add Recyclerview to our main activity.

1. Display room database record in our recycler view
2. Add new records to our room database
3. Update room database records
4. Delete room database record.

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Android Architecture Component || Room Database , ViewModel , LiveData, RecyclerView (MVVM) #1

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Android Architecture Component || Room Database , ViewModel , LiveData, RecyclerView (MVVM) #1 landscaping outdoor decorating.

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