Android Google Maps Tutorial Ep 3: Display Map with Markers – Kotlin Android Studio Development

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This video (episode 3 of 7) adds a screen in our app which renders a map using the Google Maps API.

When the user taps on an item in the list of maps, we use the Android intent system to navigate to a new activity (screen) which show the map data. We also go over how to generate an API key inside a Google project, which is necessary to render the map.

➤ Playlist link for project:
➤ Requirements to render the MapFragment in the emulator:
➤ Codepath guide about using explicit intents to navigate between screens:
➤ Reference about Google Maps API:

In these videos, we build an app which displays a map showing markers of important places. You can also create a map which gets saved to a file and can be retrieved when the app is opened. This app helps you keep track of places that matter to you, whether they’re vacation ideas or places you’ve lived.

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Android Google Maps Tutorial Ep 3: Display Map with Markers - Kotlin Android Studio Development

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Android Google Maps Tutorial Ep 3: Display Map with Markers – Kotlin Android Studio Development web development.

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