Android Kotlin Jetpack Compose tutorial with State management Increment Example

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Hi Guys Welcome to Proto Coders Point, In this android tutorial we will learn about android jetpack compose and will build an simple app using state management (MutableState) in jetpack that will update UI when State or Variable value changes on button click.

What is Android Jetpack Compose?

A Jetack compose is an modern toolkit by using which we can build Native android UI Application, It’s based on the declarative programming model, so all you need is to simply describe how you app UI should look like and the compose will take care of rest app state changes, and UI gets Automatically Changed.

Why Compose Jetpack?
Easy way to Explain you :

Whenever we design a screen in android we are making us of XML to create UI design & then giving functionality to the UI using code in Java or kotlin.

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Android Kotlin Jetpack Compose tutorial with State management Increment Example

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Now on to the study part. This part will take a lot longer than just downloading a simple tool. Learning Jetpack Android advancement resembles studying any other foreign language (which is what this is – just a foreign language, other than a language that enables you to talk to a computer rather of another human). It will need perseverance, and a great deal of trial-and-error. A great part of readers will stop, telling yourself that it isn’t worth it. That’s ok: the rest people will succeed in the Android app market in your lack! For those readers who don’t quit, you will find the procedure really fulfilling in so lots of ways.

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Android Kotlin Jetpack Compose tutorial with State management Increment Example home improvement.

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