#Android #Kotlin Let's Build A Workout Log App 2 | Problem Domain Analysis, Clean Architecture

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Welcome to my comprehensive tutorial on building a Workout Log Application in Android, with Kotlin. The purpose of this tutorial series is to show you from start to finish, what exactly is required to build a medium sized multi module Android Application. Every episode I will include a commit to the repository where you can get the code so that you can build it along with me. There will be some copy paste from other projects I have built, but I will only copy paste in situations where I would do that just like I was building a new application; therefore be sure to have the commit for the current episode open.
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Github commit for this episode (get the code here):

0:00 Introduction to today’s video and an explanation of what a Problem Domain is, and how it relates to a domain module in Clean Architecture
4:00 How to perform problem domain analysis by User Stories and/or Problem Statements (this is the first step in designing a new application; depending on your personal preferences and occupation of course)
11:53 Building Domain Models (sometimes known as Entities, but these terms are very overloaded) based on problem domain analysis:
14:36 Is it okay to use Enums? Well, I wouldn’t use them everywhere, but they have been optimized in recent versions of Android!
18:00 Building an enum class to define a set of restricted values
35:00 When should you consider Use Cases versus just having your Presenter/Controller/ViewModel talk directly to a Repository Pattern (Interface)?
38:00 Building out Repository Interfaces
42:00 Applying the principle of DON’T REPEAT YOURSELF (DRY) to some repetitious Repository Functions

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#Android #Kotlin Let's Build A Workout Log App 2 | Problem Domain Analysis, Clean Architecture

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#Android #Kotlin Let's Build A Workout Log App 2 | Problem Domain Analysis, Clean Architecture internet marketing.

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