#Android #Kotlin Live App Build: Day Planner w/ Jetpack Compose, Clean Architecture

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Ryan builds a Day planner app live! TIMESTAMPS BELOW

Source code for this app (it’s in beta right now):

This app will include:
– Kotlin
– Jetpack Compose
– My own Clean Front End Android GUI architecture (MVP-VM)
– Best practices from a developer with thousands of hours of practice and many years of study.
– A beard and possibly a costume because that’s what we do on Halloween where I come from (Canada)


0:00:00 Introduction
0:00:41 Demonstration Of Complete App (Beta)
0:09:03 Starting Point
0:13:18 Coding Begins Now
(timestamps are mostly arranged by package/class and relevant topics )
0:13:43 domain.constants: enums, constant values
0:24:26 domain: data classes
0:34:41 domain: repository interfaces/facades, function type callbacks
0:42:36 Viewer questions: Is it MVP? Would I use A DI framework in this App?
0:45:13 common: Abstract Class, Extension Function Mappers/Utilities
1:14:44 ServiceLocator for backend data sources
1:19:10 Android Application Class
1:21:30 resources: colors.xml, styles.xml, drawables
1:40:42 I begin coding user interface features/screens here
1:42:42 Reminder on which parts will be Jetpack Compose
Each Feature Typically has:
– Activity (class and layout)
– Compose Toolbar
– UI Event Sealed Class
– View Fragment (class and layout)
– ViewModel
– ViewLogic (Presenter)
– Extension Function Injector (for Dependency Injection)
– Adapters and Compound Views where appropriate
1:43:21 Day Schedule Feature
4:25:47 Manage Hour Feature
6:26:31 Task List Feature (JETPACK COMPOSE)
7:16:35 Maange Task Feature
9:22:21 ApplicationExecutors Easy concurrency for Background processing
9:26:28 Persistence (Storing user data on Android Filesystem)
10:05:33 Ryan begins debugging the application for crashes
10:49:52 A very delirous but happy outro 🙂

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#Android #Kotlin Live App Build: Day Planner w/ Jetpack Compose, Clean Architecture

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