Android Navigation Component – Android Jetpack Navigation and Fragment Tutorial

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This tutorial is all about Android Jetpack Navigation.
Navigation is the new way for developers to navigate their application. Navigation component is a suite of libraries, tooling and guidance for in-app navigation. Android Jetpack’s Navigation component helps you implement navigation, from simple button clicks to more complex patterns, such as app bars and the navigation drawer.
In this tutorial I will show you how to use Navigation, NavHostFragment and NavGraph.
This tutorial is predominantly on Android Navigation but I will also show how to use Fragments which is an essential UI component in modern Android application development.
I would like to add a little brief on Fragment
Fragment is actually a modular/functional part of an Activity. An Activity may host One or more Fragments. A single activity can make transitions between its hosted fragments.

In this tutorial I have covered –
1) Creating a project with Kotlin and androidX
2) Navigation Component dependencies
3) Creating a navigation graph
3) NavHostFragment (Navigaton Host Fragment)
4) Adding fragments to the navigation graph
5) NavController and navigating between fragments using kotlin
6) Working with Fragments with kotlin
7) Add and make transition of fragments
8)Android Jetpack Navigation and Fragment

Navigation has many benefits-
– Automatic handling of fragment transactions
– Correctly handling up and back
– Default behaviors for animations and transitions
– Deep linking, including proper backstack generation
– Implementing common patterns like navigation drawers and bottom nav with little additional work using the Navigation UI library
– Type safety when passing information while navigating using the Safe Args plugin

Download link for Image resources used in this project – https://bit.ly/2LvvNrd
Download link for style.xml used in this project – https://bit.ly/2YmZz6R
Full project – https://bit.ly/2Ywyga4

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Android Navigation Component - Android Jetpack Navigation and Fragment Tutorial

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