Android Push Notification in Kotlin || Firebase Cloud Messaging

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Android push notification from firebase cloud messaging is what we are going to implement in this tutorial.

Android push notification help to inform the user of something and with firebase cloud messaging this has been made even easier.

When you push firebase cloud messaging the android only shows a notification if it’s on the background.

In this tutorial, I will show you how you can receive a firebase cloud message while app is on the foreground by creating a service.

Steps in handling android push notification from firebase cloud messaging.
1. Connect to firebase
2. Add firebase dependencies
3. Download google-service JSON and add it to the app folder.
4. Send your first notification from the firebase console.
5. Add firebase message service to listen for a message when app is foreground.
6. show an android notification when the message is pushed from firebase cloud messaging.

Source code:

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Android Push Notification in Kotlin || Firebase Cloud Messaging

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