Android RecyclerView with Paging Library | Data Binding | Live Data | Retrofit

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The Paging Library helps you load and display small chunks of data at a time. Loading partial data on-demand reduces the usage of network bandwidth and system resources.

Advantages of Paging Library

  1. The user gets content faster.

  2. The app only needs to download one or two pages to show.

  3. The user gets content faster.

  4. Uses far less memory.

  5. Uses less data as it doesn’t need the full dataset.

  6. Even during data updates and refreshes, the app responds quickly.

  7. You can observe and update data more easily.

  8. You can use placeholders to indicate if new content is being downloaded.

JSON model used for this tutorial can be found here: https://reqres.in/api/

Check out the official documentation for more information: https://developer.android.com/topic/libraries/architecture/paging/

References for the tutorial :

Complete source code can be found in below link:

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Android RecyclerView with  Paging Library | Data Binding  | Live Data | Retrofit

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