Android Studio App Crashes on Startup

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This video is for the absolute beginners.

Are you facing
– Unfortunately My Application has Stopeed Working
– Or application is getting closed when you ran it
– Or your application is just not working
– Or anything like this

If you are an absolute beginner, the often you don’t realize that you should check why and at which line of your code your application is crashing.

And when you comment in any video or tutorial that your application is crashing or it is not working, it is not at all possible for the creator to help you. Because the tutor don’t know what is the exact reason on your side.

You may think that you did everything right but it is never the case, if it is not working then it is always your fault, you are just not able to find it.

In this video I will tell you how you can use the logcat in Android Studio to check the crash messages.

Once you know the crash message, you have the reason why your application is not working in android studio. It also shows you the line number with some other details that helps you to fix the issue.

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Android Studio App Crashes on Startup

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Come 2009, the Google Android will be seen on all significant mobile phones. It was revealed on November 5, 2008 but will enter usage next year. Google will launch the Android platform readily available under the Apache open-source and free-software license. That means it is definitely complimentary to utilize.

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It was initially a separate entity from Google, Android Inc. It was bought in 2005 for usage in an upcoming Google phone. The Android operating system was originally going to power a gadget comparable to Research study In Movement’s Blackberry. But as it was being developed, the iPhone debuted and changed the mobile world. The Android OS was modified to enable gadgets comparable to the iPhone. It was finally launched to the world in late 2007. It ended up being the Apple phone’s most powerful challenger.

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