Android Studio Tutorial For Beginner – Part 1 ( Kotlin )

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Android Studio Tutorial for beginners, Using kotlin and android studio 4.0.
This tutorial is not only suitable for beginners in developing mobile apps but also for someone who has been using java and would like to shift to kotlin.

What you will learn in this android studio tutorial part 1 is.
1. Where and how to download android studio (IDE)
2. How to start creating your first mobile app.
3. Learn what android studio directories contain.
4. Learn how to add a button in android studio activity.
5. Learn how to add a click listener to a button.
6. Learn how to add a new activity in android studio.
7. Learn how to pass data from one activity to another one.
8. Learn how to retrieve passed data and display it in the other activity.

In the next series of android studio tutorials, we are going to learn how to create login and register screen switch from one activity to the other on click.

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Android Studio Tutorial For Beginner  - Part 1 ( Kotlin )

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Android Studio Tutorial For Beginner – Part 1 ( Kotlin ) software.

Android Studio Tutorial For Beginner – Part 1 ( Kotlin ), Watch interesting complete videos about Kotlin Android Development Ide.
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