Android Tab Layout Tutorial using Viewpager and fragments || Tab Layout Tutorial

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TabLayout tutorial in android using viewpager and fragments.

Swipeable and Clickable Tab Layout

In this tutorial, we are going to learn how to add different fragments to our viewpager and display them in the tab layout.

Our tab layout will contain 3 tabs:

We will listen to both click and swipe.

When the view pager is swiped right or left the fragment displayed is changed.

When the tab layout tab is clicked we change the selected tab color to white.

1. Add TabLayout to your activity layout.
2. Add ViewPager to your activity layout.
3. Add ViewPagerAdapter
4. Create fragments that you need.
5. Add layout for the fragment.

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Android Tab Layout Tutorial using Viewpager and fragments || Tab Layout Tutorial

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Android Tab Layout Tutorial using Viewpager and fragments || Tab Layout Tutorial book reviews.

Android Tab Layout Tutorial using Viewpager and fragments || Tab Layout Tutorial, Play top explained videos about Java Android Fragment.
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