Android Tutorial 2019 #6: Fragments as Views | MVVM | NO MORE findViewById()!!!

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In this part of the tutorial, we build the View in our Model-View-ViewModel architecture. Now, one approach is to use Data binding, but for several reasons I prefer to use Kotlin Synthetic Properties for view binding logic instead. It is super easy to set up, and it completely removes findViewById() calls.

0:34 Considerations for different styles of MVVM
1:43 Demonstration of different ViewModel styles in code
3:08 Configuring Gradle for Kotlin Synthetic Properties
4:23 Setting up our starting point
5:15 Coding the Fragment
6:00 Inflating a specific layout in onCreateView()
7:26 Adding Kotlin Synthetic Properties to simplify View Binding and remove findViewById()
9:04 Assigning our ViewModel using ViewModelProviders.of()
11:13 Starting the background animation in the View using AnimationDrawable
13:18 Adding onClickListener to our View using Kotlin Synthetic Properties and Lambda Expressions
19:07 How to bind our Fragment’s UI/layout to our ViewModel by observing our LiveData fields

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Android Tutorial 2019 #6: Fragments as Views | MVVM | NO MORE findViewById()!!!

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Android Tutorial 2019 #6: Fragments as Views | MVVM | NO MORE findViewById()!!! mobile computing.

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