Android WorkManager Explained With Example Jetpack Library

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WorkManager is an Android Jetpack library that runs deferrable and asynchronous tasks when the work’s constraints are satisfied.
Work constraints are requirements that need to be met before executing certain task.
WorkManager can be used to schedule an asynchronous task to happen one-time or periodic.

One-time Work will only happen once while periodic task happens periodically in a given interval.

Advantages of using Workmanager to schedule task include.

Backward compatible with API 23+.
Scheduling of asynchronous tasks.
Adhere to execution even if app or device restarts.
Chain task together.
Has work constraints, certain conditions must be met for it occur like (network availability).

In this tutorial I have demonstrated how we can use workmanager to schedule notifications that can be pushed to user.

We have impliment both OneOff WorkRequest which will push notification only once and PeriodicRequest which Will happen at a certain interval.

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Android WorkManager Explained With Example Jetpack Library

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Android WorkManager Explained With Example Jetpack Library online gaming.

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