Arducam OV2710 Stereo USB Camera Module Demonstration

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Details about OV2710 dual camera (1 x RGB Color Camera, 1 x Infrared Camera):
More UVC Camera Modules:

About this module:
The B0198 is a new member of the Arducam’s USB camera family to meet the requirement of application in face recognition and biological detection. It’s a UVC compliant synchronized stereo module. It has two 2MP USB 2.0 camera modules (RGB and IR dual output), and transfers data from one USB cable.

– Sensor: 1/2.7” OV2710
– Resolution: 2MP 1920 x 1080
– Data Format: MJPG/YUY2
– Frame Rates: MJPG 30fps@1080p; YUY2 30fps@640x 480
– Field of View (FOV): 95°
– Lens Mount: M12
– Auto Controlled Features: Saturation, Contrast, Acutance, White balance, Exposure.
– System Compatibility: Windows, Linux, Mac and Android with UVC
– Power Supply: USB Powered 5V
– Working Current: MAX 500mA
– Operating Temp.: -4°F~167°F (-20°C~+75°C).
– Dimension: 54mmx30mm
– Cable Length: 3.3ft (1M)

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Arducam OV2710 Stereo USB Camera Module Demonstration

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