AWS API Gateway Integration using AWS Lambda & AWS DynamoDB

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This AWS API Gateway Integration using AWS Lambda and DynamoDB tutorial shows how to create an API Gateway endpoint and how to connect it to a Lambda function and how to test the new endpoint. Lambda functions are snippets of code that can be ran in response to say some API Gateway event.

Learn AWS Lambda with a demo.

Different attributes of Lambda.

Specifying VPC & IAM role for Lambda.

AWS lambda function Deep Dive.

Checking Lambda logs.

Understanding AWS Lambda pricing.

► About Lambda
AWS Lambda is a compute service where you can upload your code to AWS Lambda and the service can run the code on your behalf using AWS infrastructure.

In this AWS Lambda tutorial will give an overview of Amazon lambda and its features. AWS Lambda is an event-driven, serverless computing platform provided by Amazon as a part of the Amazon Web Services. It is a compute service that runs code in response to events and automatically manages the compute resources required by that code. The purpose of Lambda, as compared to AWS EC2, is to simplify building smaller, on-demand applications that are responsive to events and new information. AWS targets starting a Lambda instance within milliseconds of an event. AWS Lambda was originally designed for use cases such as image upload, responding to website clicks or reacting to sensor readings from an IoT connected device. AWS Lambda can also be used to automatically provision back-end services triggered by custom HTTP requests, and “spin down” such services when not in use, to save resources. These custom HTTP requests are configured in AWS API Gateway, which can also handle authentication and authorization in conjunction with AWS Cognito.

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AWS API Gateway Integration using AWS Lambda & AWS DynamoDB

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AWS API Gateway Integration using AWS Lambda & AWS DynamoDB personal tech.

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