Battlez! Toadstool! – Plants vs. Zombies 2 – Gameplay Walkthrough Part 722

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Plants vs. Zombies 2 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 722! Battlez Gameplay!
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Thanks for watching my Plants vs. Zombies 2 Gameplay and Walkthrough! I’ve been a fan of Plants vs. Zombies for years, and this channel is great place for lots of PvZ videos! I’m playing PvZ 2 on the iPad, but it’s also available for Android. This series will include no cheating or hacks. You may have seen a trailer or review, but this playthrough will feature my impressions, reactions, and commentary throughout the full game including all modes, all plants, all zombies, and all bosses! If you’re a fan of PvZ then let’s play Plants vs. Zombies 2! Subscribe to ZackScottGames for new episodes today!

Play the award-winning hit action-strategy adventure where you meet, greet, and defeat legions of hilarious zombies from the dawn of time, to the end of days. Amass an army of amazing plants, supercharge them with Plant Food, and devise the ultimate plan to protect your brain.

Collect your favorite lawn legends, like Sunflower and Peashooter, along with hundreds of other horticultural hotshots, including creative bloomers like Lava Guava and Laser Bean. Go toe-to-missing-toe with a massive array of zombies at every turn, like Jetpack Zombie and Mermaid Imp – you’ll even have to protect your brain from rampant Zombie Chickens!

Earn Seed Packets as you play and use them to fuel your potent plants. Power up attacks, double-down defenses, speed up planting time, and even gain entirely new abilities. Boost your plants to ensure those zombies are lawn-gone!

Think your zombie-bashing strategy is the best? Put your planting skills to the test when you face other players in Battlez. Enter the Battlez arena and compete against other players to get the highest score on unique levels. Earn coins, piñatas, and more to top the leaderboards, level up through Leagues, and become the ultimate garden guardian.

Battle across 11 crazy worlds, from Ancient Egypt to the Far Future, and beyond. With more than 300 levels, ultra-challenging endless zones, fun mini-games, and daily Piñata Party events, there’s always a new challenge to complete. Plus, ready your best defenses – Dr. Zomboss is waiting to take you on at the end of every world!

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Name: Plants vs. Zombies 2: It’s About Time
Developer: PopCap Games
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Platforms: iOS, Android
Release Date: July 9, 2013
Website: https://plantsvszombies2.com

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Battlez! Toadstool! - Plants vs. Zombies 2 - Gameplay Walkthrough Part 722

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Battlez! Toadstool! – Plants vs. Zombies 2 – Gameplay Walkthrough Part 722 online gaming.

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