Book App UI Template part3: Recyclerview Custom Item Animator | Android Studio Tutorial

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hey guys,
in this part, we are going to create a custom item animator for our recyclerview,
by extending the default recyclerview itemAnimator class we can customize the appear and disappear of item’s animations

video walkthrough:
00:06 demo
00:43 creating the item animator class
01:02 extending the default recyclerview item animator
01:42 customize animateAdd method
02:47 create a resource folder for animation
03:04 create custom scale animation
08:14 setup recyclerview custom item animator
09:12 add book to recyclerview list
10:46 change item appear duration
12:45 customize animateRemove method
14:08 create custom scale animation for remove animation
15:33 remove book
18:23 test on the emulator

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Book App UI Template part3: Recyclerview Custom Item Animator | Android Studio Tutorial

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Book App UI Template part3: Recyclerview Custom Item Animator | Android Studio Tutorial gaming.

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