Building Cross-Platform Libraries with Kotlin by Gopal Sharma – Bengaluru, June 22, 2019

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The introduction of #Kotlin Multiplatform has dramatically opened up possible uses of Kotlin. One possibility is to share code between #iOS, #Android, and Server. This talk is about my experience with building Kotlin #Multiplatform libraries. My hope is to allow the audience to decide if Kotlin Multiplatform, as it stands today, would be a good fit for their apps.

I first talk about how I built a library that implements a reasonably complex algorithm, without dependencies in a relatively quick and painless manner. Next, using the KotlinConf app as an example, I’ll illustrate how you can share significant portions of your business logic between iOS and Android. I’ll also point out a few pitfalls along the way.

Session Slides – https://drive.google.com/open?id=18Twl7qJvjPgFsXg_d-2g6M-0nzviKEfX

Building Cross-Platform Libraries with Kotlin by Gopal Sharma was recorded June 22, 2019 at Kotlin/Everywhere event in Bengaluru. #KotlinEverywhere

To attend an event near you or to learn about hosting an event, please visit – https://kotl.in/everywhere.

About the Presenter:
Gopal Sharma is the CTO of Surya Digital, an engineering studio dedicated to building great software. He leads teams of iOS, Android, and Server developers. He is passionate about building teams that build scalable and robust software. Prior to joining Surya, he was a software engineer at Apple. Gopal was born here in Bangalore, and he is a 4th generation engineer and coffee enthusiast. When he is not working, he enjoys playing with his dogs, traveling, and photography.

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Building Cross-Platform Libraries with Kotlin by Gopal Sharma - Bengaluru, June 22, 2019

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There are also programs called Flash gamers that you can acquire and set up on your own website and other websites around the Internet. Some of these Flash players need you to understand some shows and some standard understanding of the HTML Kotlin Programming language may be needed.

Download SDK and Xcode: As an official Apple developer, you can download the iPhone SDK(System Advancement Set). iPhone SDK supplies you paperwork, sample codes and other practical stuff to help you in app development. Likewise, you should download Xcode, which is a full-featured IDE.

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A website building program will provide you the basic layout of a website, however you need to know a minimum of the essentials of HTML shows in order to change the website and modifyto match your requirements and the requirements of your service. As a shows language HTML is Kotlin actually rather simple to learn. The tags used to set a site are practically self-explanatory.

So what is a great shows language then? Well it depends upon your application! Just like all things FSAE, you need to have an excellent factor to utilize something! Why did I pick JavaScript? Well, in my pesonal opinion, the Kotlin in Android is KING. By that I suggest, whatever is more available on the web and everything is simpler to utilize.

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Building Cross-Platform Libraries with Kotlin by Gopal Sharma – Bengaluru, June 22, 2019 software.

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