Connect AirPods Pro On Android Mobile & Check Battery Percentage Left & Right Airpod & Battery Case

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Check your AirPods Pro Battery on android mobile. Using this way we can check Airpods Pro Battery on android mobile [OnePlus, Samsung Galaxy, LG, Google Pixel, Nexus, Nokia, Sony, Xiaomi]. Any time we can check Airpods Pro Battery life on Android mobile that paired with android. Also, learn how to pair AirPods Pro with Android mobile and Reset AirPods Pro during pair with Android.

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Here’s an android mobile in my hand and Original Apple Airpods Pro.

To show battery your Airpods must be connected with your mobile. So Open Settings app on android mobile, Tap on bluetooth and Enable Bluetooth first.

Now Press and Hold on the back button of AirPods Pro after putting both Airpods into the case and Battery cap is in open position.

After a wait a few seconds, Your AirPods Pro will appear in the list of Bluetooth Device tap on it to connect or Pair successfully.

Next is to find more settings about AirPods Pro.

Tap on Arrow icon and Find the important settings that we can change if you wish like Use AirPods Pro for Call or Media.

Now Install Airbattery app that very useful and more accurate than others. Check the video description for more helpful Apps in the future.


Open Play Store on mobile, Search Airbattery to find the exact app.

Tap on the install button.

Once the app is downloaded and installed on Mobile, Tap on the open option and Allow permission to use your location.

See my video screen. Force close all the app and Go to the home screen of your mobile.

Find the Airbattery app, wait for a few seconds and card will show the battery percentage for Left and Right AirPods Pro.

That’s it. whenever you want to check again, Just launch the app and check the remaining battery of the left and right airpod.

Once you tap on Airpods Pro name, First Your mail Try to connecting and After that, you will see connected label under the Airpods name. Some android users unable to connect, Hard Reboot your android mobile and Check for android update. I hope you will help with any connecting issues.

Here I am enjoying music just like iPhone, Becuase force control will also work for play, push and Forward the song. Also, we can switch between Noice Cancellation mode, Transparency mode or off. To switch between mode long press and hold on Airpod bottom tail.

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Connect AirPods Pro On Android Mobile & Check Battery Percentage Left & Right Airpod & Battery Case

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Connect AirPods Pro On Android Mobile & Check Battery Percentage Left & Right Airpod & Battery Case software.

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