Google Firebase Authentication Android Kotlin Tutorial

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This video is a Firebase Authentication Android Kotlin Tutorial.
You will learn how to create a login and register screen.
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Firebase is a powerful tool when it comes to creating a cloud application. You get results very easily, as you will see in this video.
We start off by setting up the Firebase Project and then we go over to the Android Studio part of the process. There we will build two screens. The Login as well as the Register Activity.

This video is about firebase authentication or firebase auth android.
Specifically firebase authentication android. google firebase authentication tutorial. And how to login firebase android studio Kotlin

You can use this Firebase Authentication Android Kotlin Tutorial for any of your cloud apps, where you need to make sure, that the users can log in securely.

Btw, this demo is just a small part of my Android Firebase Masterclass, in which you will build a shop app using Google Firebase with Firestore.

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Google Firebase Authentication Android Kotlin Tutorial

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