How to Build your first Android app in RxJava and Dagger

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Find the full project for FREE here: https://www.education-ecosystem.com/appcom/ZWxzX-how-to-build-your-first-android-app-in-rxjava-and-dagger/k08e8-how-to-build-your-first-android-app-in-rxjava-an-6/

In most Android applications, you are reacting to user interactions (clicks, swipes and etc.) while doing something else in the background (networking).
Orchestrating all of this is a hard thing and could quickly turn into an unmanageable code mess.
For example, it isn’t trivial to send a request to a database over the network and after it completes start fetching user messages and preferences at the same time, and after all of that is complete show a welcome message.

This is a case where RxJava (ReactiveX) excels – orchestrating multiple actions that happen due to certain events in the system.

Using RxJava you will be able to forget callbacks and hellish global state management.

Project Outline

Session 1: Setting-up the Environment
Create the project
Setup basic Gradle files and build chain
Add important application classes and mechanisms
Integrate Timber and Butterknife

Session 2: Dependency Injection
Explain what dependency injection is
Explain what Dagger 2 is and its components
Add Dagger 2 and create application and activity scopes

Session 3: Clean code MVP architecture
Why is architecture important and what is clean code MVP architecture
Build boilerplate units
Add units for the dashboard and the Pokedex detail view
Add interactors

Session 4: The models
Create a new module
Add entities, models, and transformers
Datastores and data sources
Add Pokemon data and expose them via datastore
And so the circle is complete: Showing Pokemon data in the view!

Session 5: Building the UI
A concept of navigation
Building the layout files
Recyclerviews and adapters

Session 6: Building the UI – Advanced techniques
Basic colors
Adding moves
Shared element transitions
Adding dynamic colors
Season 7: Building the UI – Charting
Optional: Drawing map with custom views

Session 8: RxJava
What is reactive programming and RxJava
Integrating RxJava in the PokédexApp
Pushing Pokemon in chunks and per item

Session 9: Extras and Outro
Adding launcher icon
Adding pokemon to your favorites

Video Transcript
Hi! My name is Steven and I’m an Android development software architect at commit active. I’ve worked that come for three years now I guess and in the past, people reach Android applications for customers, finder customers in Europe, mostly in Germany. We cover a wide area of features like gamification, light optimization, news portals and many many many more. In order to cope with all the different features, we had to implement… we found a rich set of techniques and patterns which help you build an Android application designed by click bell and displayed on the screen right now.

I cannot promise to use all the… use audio elements showing on the screen, for example, the images will be different and that I will try to describe most of the patterns. In this practice, we found the most notable ones are dependency injection using data to react to programming using X Java, button eyes for your injection and the most important one is the architecture, which will be a decrease in architecture. The screen or the project will consist of six sessions.

In the first session, we will create a project and set up our yeah. The pipeline you’d already been writing custom greater scripts to streamline architect naming and stuff like that. We will be also adding the Pokedex application class and some basic activity classes to why are all the mechanisms we use. And we also heading basing frameworks like timber bottom iPhone.

And the second session, we will be talking about dependency inflection, what is a dependency injection and why is it important, especially for Android applications. I would try to explain they take a two framework not in-depth, but the most common components of the data to confirm framework and we will be writing negative boilerplate code, the components and the modules for application and activities.

And in the next the session, we will be talking about architecture and architecture patterns. We will be talking about the multi percent architecture. They are other popular architectural patterns like model view, model view intends and many more, but we focus on the Logic presenter. We will be adding boilerplate units, the Model View presenter units, and leap units. We call them like that and we will be also adding it actors which is a slight variation to the MVP architecture pattern. We will try to explain what attackers are and why we use them in that way.

Find the full project for FREE here: https://www.education-ecosystem.com/appcom/ZWxzX-how-to-build-your-first-android-app-in-rxjava-and-dagger/k08e8-how-to-build-your-first-android-app-in-rxjava-an-6/

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How to Build your first Android app in RxJava and Dagger

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