How to create Toggle buttons with icon Only. Android Studio Tutorial (Kotlin)

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Material ToggleButton belongs to Material Design Component or MDC library. In this video you’ll learn:
– Custom toggle buttons with image or icons
– Using MaterialButtonToggleGroup XML tag
– singleSelection attribute to select one button at a time
– Use addOnButtonCheckedListener on toggle button group with an icon
– Perform an action when the user deselects a button (when nothing is selected)
These toggle buttons can be used to select from a group of choices just like Radio Buttons present in a Radio Group.

Material Outlined Button: https://youtu.be/tOwZTXPOmJU

Source code: https://bit.ly/2JiMkAF
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How to create Toggle buttons with icon Only. Android Studio Tutorial (Kotlin)

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How to create Toggle buttons with icon Only. Android Studio Tutorial (Kotlin) software.

How to create Toggle buttons with icon Only. Android Studio Tutorial (Kotlin), Find top videos about Kotlin O Android Studio.
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