How to Fix a Faulty Smartphone Power Button – NO TOOLS! (Broken Android Repair / Workaround)

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Has your smartphone power button stopped working?
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Phone on/off button not working? Can’t turn your phone on, or turn the display off? If your Android smartphone’s power button has broken or stopped working, this video will show you how to “fix” it, without using spending any money, and you don’t need to take your phone apart or use any tools!

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This video shows you how to set up gestures so that you can learn how to turn on phone without power button, as well as how to turn the screen off and take screenshots. If this video has helped you out, please give it a thumbs up, subscribe to the channel and share the video with your friends!

⏲️ Timestamps ⏲️
00:00 Introduction & Welcome
00:27 Explaination of workaround
00:59 Configure Android phone gestures
01:08 Double tap home button to turn off screen
01:20 Double tap phone screen to wake up
01:28 How to turn on phone with faulty power button
02:00 Take screenshot without using power button
02:11 Skillshare promotion – learn to fix electronics yourself
03:20 Thank you and goodbye!

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How to Fix a Faulty Smartphone Power Button - NO TOOLS! (Broken Android Repair / Workaround)

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