How to install java in termux

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Hey, in this video i will show you how install java in termux & how you can run java programs as you run at the window command prompt.only you have to some simple steps.
you have to download to deb file of openjdk using wget
1 openjdk-9-jdk-headless_9.2017.8.20-1_arm.deb
2 openjdk-9-jre-headless_9.2017.8.20-1_arm.deb.

There is a disabled package openjdk-9-jre-headless in the termux-packages’ repository.
This package is built from the mobile/dev branch of openjdk-9. OpenJDK is not available in the official repositories because it is not stable at all. It uses more CPU than any other process and may hang up the Android GUI.
Extended run of this java process can result in a cold reboot of the device.
1 apt install wget

2 wget https://archive.org/download/openjdk-9-jre-headless_9.2017.8.20-1_x86_64/openjdk-9-jdk-headless_9.2017.8.20-1_arm.deb

3 wget https://archive.org/download/openjdk-9-jre-headless_9.2017.8.20-1_x86_64/openjdk-9-jre-headless_9.2017.8.20-1_arm.deb

4 apt-get install -y ./openjdk-9-jdk-headless_9.2017.8.20-1_arm.deb

5 apt-get install -y ./openjdk-9-jre-headless_9.2017.8.20-1_arm.deb

delete the downloaded file
6 rm openjdk-9-jdk-headless_9.2017.8.20-1_arm.deb

7 rm openjdk-9-jre-headless_9.2017.8.20-1_arm.deb
now run java and javac

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How to install java in termux

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