How to Install JDK on Windows and intellij windows

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How to install JDK on Windows

  1. How To Install JDK on Windows
    Remove Older Version of JDK
    Go to oracle website and Download the latest Java Development Kit
    On windows just run it and install it
    Add JDK path on windows as hown in the video – Add the java developemnt Kit Path “bin” Directory in the PATH variables.
    Verify the JDK Installation by opening terminal and type javac.

Install jdk in WIndows 10 , 8 , 7,
Learn how to download and install JDK on any version of Windows.
install jdk mac
This video is not for mac but for windows users.

how to install jdk in windows 10
I will be using windows 8.1 but the process is the same for WIndows 10 or windows 7.

jdk download for windows 10 64-bit,
If you want to install jdk on a 64 bit pc, watch this video.
install jdk 13 on windows,

java jdk 12,
You can download the latest JDK version which is jdk 13.

jdk-13 windows install,
jdk-13 installation on your windows 10 PC.

java 8 for windows,
Search for Java-8 and download it and install it as shown in the video.

jdk 8 download without login,
No login is required when downloading and installing JDK,

Video Transcript:

Hi and welcome to this video. In this video
we’re going to see how to install intellij idea on windows.
And also how to install jdk on windows. So the first thing we need to install is
JDK , the java development kit . To install JDK,
just go to Google and search for
download jdk .

We want to choose this.Click on this one which says the downloads
oracle technology network .So click on that.
And then you’ll end up on this page and this page will show you the latest
jdk . I will just download this which is the latest.
And you’ll just click here to download,
and then accept the terms and conditions here.

Then for your system, choose the correct version.
I’m on windows 64 bit so i will just choose this one.
Go ahead and download it I’ve already downloaded mine
So let’s just go and install it .

Find the downloaded file and then you can double click on it.
Please note that i’m on windows 8.1 and if you are on windows 10,
you can still do the same thing. So next, next .
And let this finish and then when we come back we’re going to
see how you can add the jdk to your path variables on windows.
I will see you in a moment .
Once the installation is complete,
just click on close.

And then the next process is to add the jdk variable to your path .
You need to add jdk to your path variables on windows .
If you come here into your folders then you go inside of your pc.
If you’re in windows 8.1 you can
follow along with me. If you’re in windows 10
i think this is called my pc. Just right click on this and then go
to properties .

And then under advanced, here
click on environment variables .And then where we have system variables.
Whether you’re on windows 8, whether you’re on windows 8.1 or you’re
on windows 10, you’re going to have this. So just scroll
down until you find path. You are looking for path. Double
click on this . And on this we need to add the jdk path variable .
In this we need to add the path to where jdk is installed.

Just scroll to the end of the line
and at the end of the line you need to add
the path to your jdk where jdk was installed. You need to add that path
so let’s go and find the path for where jdk is installed .
And if i come here.
i can go inside of the local disk where your programs are installed.

And under program files, if you are on a 64-bit , you’ll go under program files.
If you’re on a 32-bit you’ll go here .
I’ll click on that and then let’s look for java.
And there we have the java folder and you can see we have version 13.1 installed .
13 installed .Under bin, this is the folder
we need to add the link to . I’ll just copy that.

Copy this path and then come back here. And at the end of this line, we’ll add a
semicolon and then add the path.

Once you add the semicolon just paste in the path.
And you can add another semicolon so that in future if you need
to add any other variables, you can just add them without adding
the semicolon. In my case i’ll just click ok .
ok okay. And if i open terminal so right click on
this and then open command prompt.

And let’s type javac.
Once you do that, the next process is installing Intellij IDEA .
So intellij, you can just go to google and then search for download intellij.
And then you’ll click this link to download
intellij from jetbrains .

And then you’ll come here and you’ll download the community edition.
I’m sure you know how to install and download applications so i’m not
going to go through this process, but once you’re done with this, I will
see you in the next video when we start writing some code in
kotlin .

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How to Install JDK on Windows and intellij windows

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