How to Make Simple Windows Forms Application in C++ GUI (Visual Studio)

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In this video, I will teach you how to make Windows Forms Application in C++ using the .NET Framework. We will use the CLR component to make this project. However, the template isn’t available from Visual Studio 2012, so we will have to build it manually. So here is the link to the Main.cpp file I used :
Download the project file: http://festyy.com/wMYOC3

The process is simple, first we will create the Windows Forms Application from Scratch, however it will be super easy. Next we will add a label from the toolbox and voila, you will run a nice Windows Forms Application made using C++.


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Download Official Visual Studio : http://festyy.com/wMIn1D

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How to Make Simple Windows Forms Application in C++ GUI (Visual Studio)

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How to Make Simple Windows Forms Application in C++ GUI (Visual Studio) electronics.

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