How was the Programming Language Kotlin Developed?

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Kotlin is now Google’s preferred choice for Android app development, but where did the programming language originally come from? Lead developer, Andrey Breslav, tells the story of how he began working on the project at JetBrains during his PhD.

Part 2 of the interview in which Andrey compares Kotlin and Java is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4-2oRI4OrUg

Interview conducted by Dr Tom Crawford (University of Oxford) at JetBrains HQ in St Petersburg, Russia.

Produced by Tom Crawford, with thanks to ITMO University and JetBrains.

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How was the Programming Language Kotlin Developed?

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Kotlin in Android this dynamic IT world new language come every day and get outdated, so there need to be something in the C which has actually remained there for 3 years and more and even today there is hardly any language which can match its strength.

So I went on and designed a basic video game that integrated all these things. It ends up that these ‘simple’ things are actual very complicated when you stop talking about them and begin coding them, and there have been some stumbling blocks along the method.

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