HTTP GET requests in MyTreeNotes (Android App)

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MyTreeNotes (Android App) – allows to send HTTP GET request to any address on the Internet.

The result after executing the GET request can be saved in a note (MyTreeNotes), only on condition that the result of the GET request will be in JSON format: “id”:””,”value”:”Your text”

Format for HTTP GET requests in MyTreeNotes:
URL – Only the link is displayed in MyTreeNotes. The GET request is executed only when you click this link.
[Comment]URL – A comment is displayed instead of a link in MyTreeNotes.The GET request is executed only when you click this link.
CommentURL – The GET request is executed when you click this link. One click of the “Sync” button executes all such HTTP GET requests in the entire database. If the result of the GET request is in the format “id”:””,”value”:”New text” then the content of the note will be updated in each such note.

Description: https://mytreenotes.com/about/get_request
Install MyTreeNotes (Android): https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ru.iprg.mytreenotes
Online notes (mytreenotes.com): https://mytreenotes.com

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HTTP GET requests in MyTreeNotes (Android App)

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Likewise, this app makes it possible for developers to integrate tag handlers. The user can take pleasure in WiFi WLAN connection to internet through a regional hotspot also. This phone also has Java through Java MIDP emulation.

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There are quite a number of things you need – a Mac OS X computer system, Objective-C knowledge, UI design experience, among other things. However if you’re severe about tackling your app advancement journey, you need to not be dissuaded.

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HTTP GET requests in MyTreeNotes (Android App) gaming.

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