Intro to Tool Dev in Unity – An Improvised Live Course [part 1/4]

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this was originally streamed as a course for students at, who were super kind to let me both stream this live as well as upload it here! so massive thanks to the people at FutureGames!!

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0:00:00 – Thor
0:00:18 – What is a Tool Developer?
0:04:05 – Field Attributes
0:09:02 – Gizmos
0:11:44 – Managers & ExecuteAlways
0:21:26 – Handles & Editor Preprocessors
0:27:36 – Drawing Bezier Curves
0:32:37 – Material & Mesh Modification Pitfalls
0:44:41 – MaterialPropertyBlocks
1:08:41 – Coloring Gizmos & Handles
1:10:42 – ScriptableObjects
1:21:46 – ScriptableObjects vs Prefabs
1:24:36 – Making a Custom Inspector
1:31:59 – Serialization of Fields & Types
1:43:56 – Editor GUI, Layout & Styling
2:07:15 – Shader Forge
2:06:06 – Recorder Tool
2:26:56 – Inspector Fields (manual version)
2:37:57 – Inspector Fields (SerializedProperty version)
2:47:19 – Change Detection & Updating Objects
2:51:34 – MenuItem Object Snapping Script
3:09:16 – EditorWindow Snapping Tool
3:24:07 – Assignment! Advanced Snapping Tool

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Intro to Tool Dev in Unity - An Improvised Live Course [part 1/4]

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Intro to Tool Dev in Unity – An Improvised Live Course [part 1/4] mobile computing.

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