Jetpack Navigation of Fragment with Animation | Navigation Graph | View Binding | Android Studio 3.6

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This video shows Fragment Navigation with Transition animation with Navigation Graph by view binding in android jetpack in Android studio 3.6+

you may learn:
– view binding in fragment
– how to design navigation graph
– destination fragment logical connection as action
– enterAnim, exitAnim, popEnterAnim, popExitAnim
– popUpTo, popUpBehaviour, popUpToInclusive
– fragment navigation using navigation graph
– it is jetpack navigation android example
– complete usage of androidx.navigation.fragment
– introduction of principles of navigation android

  • it includes android animation transition fragment
  • it covers Transitions in Android Navigation Component
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Jetpack Navigation of Fragment with Animation | Navigation Graph | View Binding | Android Studio 3.6

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Jetpack Navigation of Fragment with Animation | Navigation Graph | View Binding | Android Studio 3.6 gaming.

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