Kotlin/Anywhere by Hadi Hariri – Bengaluru, June 22, 2019

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With #Kotlin targeting the JVM, #Android, and JavaScript, and with Kotlin/Native targeting other platforms such as iOS, macOS, Windows, and Linux, the possibility of targeting multiple platforms with a single project is now a reality. In this talk, we cover how you can create multi-platform projects with Kotlin, what is provided from the language, and what is available with libraries.

Session Slides – https://drive.google.com/open?id=1TM6qGYme6xf8q343cEndiZ7tHMCVuirj

Kotlin/Anywhere by Hadi Hariri was recorded June 22, 2019 at Kotlin/Everywhere event in Bengaluru. #KotlinEverywhere

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About the Presenter:
Developer and creator of many things OSS, Hadi Hariri has been programming in one way, shape or form since the age of 12. Author of various publications and courses, Hadi has been speaking at industry events for nearly two decades. Host to Talking Kotlin, he works at JetBrains leading the Developer Advocacy team, and spends as much time as he can writing code.

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Kotlin/Anywhere by Hadi Hariri - Bengaluru, June 22, 2019

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The majestically Kotlin Programming big iPhone 5 has special apps that totally utilize the pixels of its big screen. Google Maps, and camera apps will work extremely well for the iPhone 5. So if you are creating keeping the iPhone 5 in mind, doing an app that makes use of the phone’s high resolution need to be the best choice.

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Lots of people(engineers are no exception) get used to utilizing a certain program and try to make it into a one size fit all product. A fantastic example of this is the older generation of engineers and VBA(VBA is terrific however Kotlin it wasn’t created to go to space).

To use these totally free services, all you need to do is get Kotlin in Android the URL of your website. You can likewise enter in other specifications, such as screen size and color depth, however these fields are optional. The software application will then return a set of screen shots, revealing what your site appears like in each web internet browser.

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Kotlin/Anywhere by Hadi Hariri – Bengaluru, June 22, 2019 currency trading.

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