Kotlin Coroutine Jobs (Beginner Example)

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In this video I take you through a beginner level kotlin coroutines example. Specifically, this example is about kotlin coroutine jobs.

In the past, handling things like: Network timeouts, cancellations, multiple asychronous operations at once, were all very difficult.
– AsyncTask it was a nightmare
– Executors was an improvement but still not great
– RxJava is pretty good
– BUT coroutines are by far the BEST

Coroutines have an object called “Completable Job”.

Why you should care about a completable job:
– Can be used to launch coroutines in their own independent context.
– Job that can be completed manually by you (you have more control)
– Ability to very easily cancel jobs and create new ones
– Take action when a job is cancelled
– Example: throw exception, display toast, display error dialog

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code: https://github.com/mitchtabian/Kotlin-Coroutine-Examples/tree/Completable-Job-with-Cancellation-and-Progress-Bar

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Kotlin Coroutine Jobs (Beginner Example)

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Kotlin Coroutine Jobs (Beginner Example) currency trading.

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