Kotlin Course – Tutorial for Beginners

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Learn the Kotlin programming language in this introduction to Kotlin. Kotlin is a general purpose, open source, statically typed “pragmatic” programming language. It is used for many things, including Android development.

🎥Course developed by Nate Ebel. Check out his YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVysWoMPvvHQMEJvRkslbAQ

⭐️ Course Contents ⭐️
⌨️ (0:00:50) Create Your First Kotlin Project
⌨️ (0:04:23) Hello World
⌨️ (0:06:33) Working With Variables
⌨️ (0:11:04) Type System
⌨️ (0:15:00) Basic Control Flow
⌨️ (0:21:31) Basic Kotlin Functions
⌨️ (0:27:12) Function Parameters
⌨️ (0:32:52) Arrays
⌨️ (0:35:28) Iterating with forEach
⌨️ (0:41:17) Lists
⌨️ (0:42:47) Maps
⌨️ (0:45:05) Mutable vs Immutable Collections
⌨️ (0:49:24) Vararg Parameters
⌨️ (0:54:21) Named Arguments
⌨️ (0:56:26) Default Parameter Values
⌨️ (1:00:27) Create A Simple Class
⌨️ (1:03:35) Adding Class Properties
⌨️ (1:05:15) Class Init Block
⌨️ (1:06:40) Accessing Class Properties
⌨️ (1:07:32) Primary Constructor Properties
⌨️ (1:08:17) Secondary Constructors
⌨️ (1:09:50) Working With Multiple Init Blocks
⌨️ (1:11:30) Default Property Values
⌨️ (1:11:59) Properties With Custom Getters/Setters
⌨️ (1:16:52) Class Methods
⌨️ (1:20:12) Visibility Modifiers – Public/Private/Protected/Public
⌨️ (1:22:30) Interfaces
⌨️ (1:24:21) Abstract Classes
⌨️ (1:26:13) Implementing An Interface
⌨️ (1:26:35) Overriding Methods
⌨️ (1:28:30) Default Interface Methods
⌨️ (1:29:30) Interface Properties
⌨️ (1:31:40) Implementing Multiple Interfaces
⌨️ (1:32:57) Type Checking And Smart Casts
⌨️ (1:36:18) Inheritance
⌨️ (1:43:07) Object Expressions
⌨️ (1:45:06) Companion Objects
⌨️ (1:49:51) Object Declarations
⌨️ (1:52:41) Enum Classes
⌨️ (1:58:16) Sealed Classes
⌨️ (2:00:07) Data Classes
⌨️ (2:12:25) Extension Functions/Properties
⌨️ (2:16:40) Higher-Order Functions
⌨️ (2:29:07) Using The Kotlin Standard Library
⌨️ (2:00:07) Data Classes

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Computer System Programming For Beginners – The Ideal Approach

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Kotlin Course - Tutorial for Beginners

The Nuts And Bolts Of Android Development

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There are various languages used in this field and people really often get confused about which one to start on. The language(s) you find out will identify what type of software application advancement you will eventually do. However, it makes a lot of sense to begin with an easy language before trying something as complex as Android Java Programming right at the beginning.

You can likewise hit the message boards, especially those that are IT related. Some of them are associated to Java Programming and Javascript if you can take an appearance at their threads. You can search for concerns that are appropriate to yours and see if there are answers, which can please you.

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You choose, for whatever factor, a primitive relational database will be your Java in Android storage method of choice. You select MySQL because it is complimentary. When utilizing that database, you are restricted to C/C++ as your development language on many platforms.

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It is usually utilized for producing vibrant websites based upon HTML/XML. This silver charm is available in English, Basic Chinese, Spanish, and Portuguese. Reasoning is considered the foundation of any program.

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