Kotlin Crash Course

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A beginners guide to learning the basics of the Kotlin programming language, which is heaviliy used in creating Android apps

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Philipp’s Android App Tutorial (Traversy Media):

00:00 – Intro
00:52 – Why learn Kotlin?
03:01 – Installation & Prerequisites
10:12 – Hello World
13:07 – Variables and Data Types
20:00 – Arithmetic Operators
22:32 – Logical & Comparison Operators
26:20 – Strings
27:32 – If Conditions
30:40 – Null Values
35:47 – Lists
39:09 – While-Loop
41:39 – For-Loop
43:36 – When-Expression
45:35 – Functions
54:59 – Classes
57:59 – Inheritance
1:02:53 – Abstract Classes
1:05:44 – Anonymous Classes
1:08:07 – Try & Catch
1:12:22 – Lambda Functions
1:20:37 – Generics

A Couple Of Service Concepts For Beginners

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Kotlin Crash Course

A Few Service Concepts For Beginners

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