Kotlin Full Course – Learn Kotlin in 4 Hours | Kotlin Tutorial | Kotlin Android Tutorial | Edureka

Get More Posts About online business, shaving pubic hair, and Kotlin vs Java for Android Development, Kotlin Full Course – Learn Kotlin in 4 Hours | Kotlin Tutorial | Kotlin Android Tutorial | Edureka.

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This Edureka Kotlin Full Course video will help you understand and learn Kotlin programming language from scratch. This Kotlin Tutorial is ideal for both beginners as well as professionals. Below are the topics covered in this Kotlin Android Tutorial :
2:16 History of Kotlin
5:53 What is Kotlin?
6:21 Features of Kotlin
15:10 How to setup Kotlin?
23:04 How to run a Kotlin program?
25:23 Class & Objects
35:13 Data Types
35:33 Numbers
40:28 Characters
42:13 Boolean
44:18 Arrays
46:28 Type Conversion
48:17 Operators
1:03:14 Kotlin I/O
1:06:50 Comments in Kotlin
1:10:45 Arrays & Strings
1:32:15 Control Flow Statements
1:32:55 If Statement
1:38:20 For Loop
1:41:05 While Loop
1:43:30 Do-While Loop
1:46:25 When Case
2:00:25 Jump Statements
2:00:30 Break
2:06:35 Continue
2:09:20 Return
2:09:51 Functions
2:32:54 Generic Functions
2:36:09 Lambda Functions
2:51:49 Data Classes
3:02:04 Kotlin Annotations
3:06:04 Collections
3:06:15 Lists
3:13:19 Sets
3:15:39 Maps
3:22:04 Inheritance
3:29:39 Range
3:35:34 Regular Expression
3:43:49 Null Safety
3:49:59 Exception Handling
3:56:09 Kotlin & Java
4:02:29 Kotlin vs Java
4:06:44 Advantages of Kotlin
4:07:39 Disadvantages of Kotlin

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Kotlin Full Course - Learn Kotlin in 4 Hours | Kotlin Tutorial | Kotlin Android Tutorial | Edureka

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Kotlin Full Course – Learn Kotlin in 4 Hours | Kotlin Tutorial | Kotlin Android Tutorial | Edureka arts and entertainment.

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