KotlinConf 2019: Error Handling Strategies for Kotlin Programs by Nat Pryce & Duncan McGregor

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Kotlin largely inherits Java’s exception mechanism, but exceptions and functional programming are uneasy bedfellows, leading to most projects adopting a wing-and-a-prayer as their error handling strategy.

I needn’t be so ad-hoc though. In this session we compare and contrast different techniques for handling errors in Kotlin programs. We will discuss the sweet spots, pitfalls and trade-offs encountered in each technique, illustrated with examples from real projects.

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About the Presenters:
Nat has been programming for coughty-cough years, and programming in Kotlin since it was in beta. He introduced Kotlin into his current client and his team used it to deliver business-critical, customer-facing web applications. Now many teams in the company are happy users of Kotlin, and it powers many of their core services.

Duncan has been programming professionally for 25 years. He was lucky enough to ride the Object-Oriented wave of the 90s, the Agile wave of the 00s, and what he is convinced will be called the Distributed-Functional wave of the, erm 10s.

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KotlinConf 2019: Error Handling Strategies for Kotlin Programs by Nat Pryce & Duncan McGregor

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KotlinConf 2019: Error Handling Strategies for Kotlin Programs by Nat Pryce & Duncan McGregor web hosting.

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