Learning Dart for Cross Platform Mobile Development – Programming Fundamentals

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See an overview of topics covered in the course, set expectations for the course, and learn about why Google chose Dart as the language for Flutter.

About the Course:

Learn the fundamental building blocks of Google’s open source programming language, Dart, the language for Flutter development. Go from variables and data types to control flow, functions, collections, and defining your own Dart classes.

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From Wikipedia:

Dart is a client-optimized programming language for fast apps on multiple platforms. It is developed by Google and is used to build mobile, desktop, backend and web applications.

Dart is an object-oriented, class defined, garbage-collected language using a C-style syntax that transcompiles optionally into JavaScript. It supports interfaces, mixins, abstract classes, reified generics, static typing, and a sound type system.

There are three main ways to run Dart code:

Compiled as JavaScript

To run in mainstream web browsers, Dart relies on a source-to-source compiler to JavaScript. According to the project site, Dart was “designed to be easy to write development tools for, well-suited to modern app development, and capable of high-performance implementations.”

When running Dart code in a web browser the code is precompiled into JavaScript using the dart2js compiler. Compiled as JavaScript, Dart code is compatible with all major browsers with no need for browsers to adopt Dart. Through optimizing the compiled JavaScript output to avoid expensive checks and operations, code written in Dart can, in some cases, run faster than equivalent code hand-written using JavaScript idioms.


The Dart software development kit (SDK) ships with a stand-alone Dart VM, allowing Dart code to run in a command-line interface environment. As the language tools included in the Dart SDK are written mostly in Dart, the stand-alone Dart VM is a critical part of the SDK. These tools include the dart2js compiler and a package manager called pub. Dart ships with a complete standard library allowing users to write fully working system apps, such as custom web servers.[

Ahead-of-time compiled

Dart code can be AOT-compiled into machine code (native instruction sets). Apps built with Flutter, a mobile app SDK built with Dart, are deployed to app stores as AOT-compiled Dart code.

Native mobile apps

Google has introduced Flutter for native mobile app development on both Android and iOS. Flutter is a mobile app SDK, complete with framework, widgets, and tools, that gives developers a way to build and deploy mobile apps, written in Dart. Flutter works with Firebase and other mobile app SDKs, and is open source.

Compiling to JavaScript

The Dart SDK contains two Dart-to-JavaScript compilers. During development, dartdevc supports quick refresh cycles. For the final version of an app, dart2js produces deployable JavaScript.

The first compiler to generate JavaScript from Dart code was dartc, but it was deprecated. The second Dart-to-JavaScript compiler was Frog. It was written in Dart, but never implemented the full semantics of the language. The third Dart-to-JavaScript compiler was dart2js. An evolution of earlier compilers, dart2js is written in Dart and intended to implement the full Dart language specification and semantics.

On March 28, 2013, the Dart team posted an update on their blog addressing Dart code compiled to JavaScript with the dart2js compiler, stating that it now runs faster than handwritten JavaScript on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine for the DeltaBlue benchmark.

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Learning Dart for Cross Platform Mobile Development - Programming Fundamentals

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