LiveData with Coroutines and Flow (Android Dev Summit '19)

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LiveData is a simple lifecycle-aware observable, designed for making UIs that react to changes safely and efficiently. It can be used beyond View↔️ViewModel communications and even components like Room support it. However, there’s a risk of overuse, especially when dealing with multiple threads. The solution? Instead of expanding its features, LiveData now works seamlessly with Kotlin’s coroutines. In this talk, we cover the new “”liveData”” coroutine builder, showing when and how to use it and testing patterns and antipatterns to make clean, efficient, and solid reactive UIs.

Presented by: Jose Alcérreca, Yigit Boyar

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LiveData with Coroutines and Flow (Android Dev Summit '19)

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LiveData with Coroutines and Flow (Android Dev Summit '19) online gaming.

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