Master The Basics Of Arduino – Full Arduino Programming Course

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Welcome to this course on Arduino Tutorial for Beginners. Β΄

βœ” Arduino Tutorial Course Contents βœ”
πŸ’» (00:00:20) – 1 – Introduction to Arduino
πŸ’» (00:04:20) – 2 – Arduino Uno Components (Microcontroller, Pins, Clock & Power)
πŸ’» (00:08:58) – 3 – How to Install Arduino IDE on Windows 10 + First Sketch
πŸ’» (00:16:52) – 4 – Setting Up the Circuit For Arduino Uno With Breadboard
πŸ’» (00:29:38) – 5 – Setup And Loop Blocks + light LEDs right to left
πŸ’» (00:47:48) – 6 – Read Data from Arduino Serial Monitor
πŸ’» (01:06:08) – 7 – Arduino Strings and Loops
πŸ’» (01:22:28) – 8 – Digital Input With a Push Button in Arduino
πŸ’» (01:35:36) – 9 – Read Analog Signal From Peripheral Devices (Potentiometer)
πŸ’» (01:50:11) – 10 – Read from Photosensitive Sensor,Gas Sensor,Microphone Sensor
πŸ’» (02:03:18) – 11 – Analog Signal Output (PWM) (Control Speed of DC Motor)
πŸ’» (02:17:13) – 12 – How to Use an LCD Display
πŸ’» (02:35:51) – 13 – How to Control Servo Motor With Arduino
πŸ’» (02:53:30) – 14 – Keyboard PS2 | USB
πŸ’» (03:07:55) – 15 – Using 4Γ—4 Keypad With Arduino
πŸ’» (03:24:30) – 16 – RFID Tutorial RC522 with Arduino Uno
πŸ’» (03:38:01) – 17 – LED Matrix With Arduino
πŸ’» (03:48:29) – 18 – Using the SONAR MODULE (HC SR04) Ultrasonic Distance Sensor
πŸ’» (03:59:47) – 19 – Send SMS and Call from SIM900 GSM Module
πŸ’» (04:18:03) – 20 – Setting up Bluetooth HC-05 | Arduino Bluetooth Basic Tutorial

Arduino is an open-source hardware platform based on an Atmel AVR 8-bit microcontroller and a C++ based IDE. Arduino is the go-to gear for artists, hobbyists, students, and anyone with a gadgetry dream. Arduino microcontrollers are programmed using the Arduino IDE (Integrated Development Environment). Arduino IDE Can be downloaded for free from https://arduino.cc/en/Main/Software
Arduino programs, called β€œsketches”, are written in a programming language similar to C and C++. Many sensors and other hardware devices come with prewritten software – look on-line for sample code, libraries (of functions), and tutorials. Learn the Arduino platform and programming language to create robots, interactive art displays, electronic gadgets and much more.

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Master The Basics Of Arduino - Full Arduino Programming Course

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