Minecraft Java Edition Shader On Android [How To Play Minecraft Java Edition On Android With Shader]

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Title: Minecraft Java Edition Shaders On Android [How To Play Minecraft Java Edition On Android With Shaders]

► Greetings. I showcased a new Minecraft Java Edition Emulator For Android Devices called Pojav Launcher. This is an emulator that lets you play Minecraft Java Edition on android (sadly not iOS) devices. This is currently the best Minecraft Java emulator/launcher for android and it has fabulous graphics support. I was able to run a Minecraft Java Shader on Android using it. I reviewed a unique shader with block reflection, mob reflection and even player reflection on water as well as cloud and sun. I hope you’ll enjoy today’s video.

• I apologize for the at the very beginning of the video.

► Check out my friend AjGamingPH Official For giving me this idea: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTUpXfIxfmJXgc_r7e3tSGw


Beginning 00:00
Sorry For Lag (Plz Skip thjs part) 00:05
Sun Rise 0:38
Player Reflection 1:14
Fog 1:48
Torch Glow Effect 1:54
Terrain Reflection 2:06
Sun Set 2:30
How Install MC Java on Android 3:47
Optifine Installation 6:21
1.16 Env Shader Installation 6:55
Applying The Shader 7:13
Expressing Gratitude 9:17
Outro 9:31

                  [TUTORIAL + DOWNLOAD]
  1. Pojav Emulator Zip File. [ Extract Anywhere ]

  2. Open Pojav, Install the correct runtime from this website: [Only if the runtime from zip didn’t work] https://github.com/PojavLauncherTeam/PojavLauncher/wiki/Testing-v3

  3. Download Minecraft Java 1.16.3

  4. Download lwjgl3-lwjgl2bridge.zip, then extract .jar files inside to /sdcard/games/.minecraft/lwjgl3

  5. Open Pojav again Run Minecraft 1.16.3

  6. Download and Install Optifine

  7. Install the shader file. [ internel_storage/com.mojang/.minecraft/resource_packs ]

Shader Download Link:

  1. Run the game and Enjoy! [If you can…]

CREDITS: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVCvOxYOpEHrc1NjFg423Jw

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♬Music Credits:
C418: https://c418.bandcamp.com/

♬Remixes Used:

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Minecraft Java Edition Shader On Android [How To Play Minecraft Java Edition On Android With Shader]

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