Minecraft NETHER UPDATE | Minecraft PE 1.13 | Minecraft JAVA 1.15 (MCPE|MCJE)

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What’s New in the Latest Minecraft Nether Update – For Minecraft JAVA 1.15 and JAVA 1.16 and for Minecraft Bedrock 1.13 and 1.14

I talk through some of the upcoming features from the Minecon Live 2019 live stream.

Features include the Biome Vote results taking an in depth look at what Swamps could have given us as well as what we’ll be getting with the new Mountain Biome Updates.

I then talk about Bees and the new honey block which is like a yellow slime block that can be used to reduce jump height, prevent players sprinting and create amazing redstone contraptions.

I then discuss the new biomes from the Nether Update.

The two new biomes are the Soulsand Valley which contains fossils, blue flames, another type of soul sand and some mud type blocks.

The other new biome is the Netherwart Forest which has red and blue variants.

The red netherwart forest contains several new blocks and items including orange and blue mushrooms, a new glowstone light source, netherwart trees, netherwart bark, netherwart grass and and nether grass which looks like coral fans.

The blue netherwart forest has similar blocks but with a blue and green tint.

I then talk about the new mobs including Piglins, Zombiefied Piglins and the Piglin Beast.

Piglins are a new civilisation of mobs that live in the nether. Zombie Pigmen have been renamed to zombified piglins.

They hunt the piglin beast which drops food. They also attack players and other mobs. You can hide from piglins by wearing gold armour but they will attack you if you look in their chests.

The piglin beast will also attack players and is large like the Ravager.

I also discuss the Minecraft Festival which has been announced to be held in Florida from the 25th to the 27th of September 2019.

I would love to attend and I will try get tickets if possible.

This video covers whats new in Minecraft for Java edition 1.15 and 1.16 and whats new in Minecraft for Bedrock edition 1.13 and 1.14.

This is Minecraft News.

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Minecraft NETHER UPDATE | Minecraft PE 1.13 | Minecraft JAVA 1.15 (MCPE|MCJE)

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Minecraft NETHER UPDATE | Minecraft PE 1.13 | Minecraft JAVA 1.15 (MCPE|MCJE) business.

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