NETHER UPDATE | Let's play LIVE together | MineCraft Java 1.16-rc1 | Part 2

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Let’s play some survival MineCraft and work our way into the nether and explore the new Nether update. I am not going to prevent greifing so please don’t setup a base, we are doing exploring only.


What version of MineCraft?
– Java, version 1.16 Release Candidate 1/snapshot

How to get this version?
– Run the JAVA MineCraft launcher
– Select Installations
– Check “Snapshots”
– Launcher the “1.16-rc1” snapshot

How do I connect?
– Launch Java MineCraft 1.16-rc1
– Press Multiplayer
– Accept any warnings
– Press Direct Connection
– Enter (mc.azzamods.com)
– Press Join Server

Can I have OP?
– Our moderators are OP level 3
– Our channel members are OP level 2, hint hint, become a member, hint hint hint
– Abuse of OP will result in a demotion

What port?
– 25565

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There are a lot of OS’s and vendors of OS’s who will claim they have “clustering” but it is false.
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NETHER UPDATE | Let's play LIVE together | MineCraft Java 1.16-rc1 | Part 2

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NETHER UPDATE | Let's play LIVE together | MineCraft Java 1.16-rc1 | Part 2 personal tech.

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