Organize your time and tasks hands-free with Play My Emails in Outlook

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Stay on top of what’s new in your inbox and get organized while you are away from your computer with Play My Emails in Outlook for iOS. While listening to new emails and changes to your day, ask Cortana to schedule a meeting in response to an email or add an email to your tasks list. Use voice commands or swipe actions to send responses to meeting invitations, quickly join an active online meeting or send an “I’m running late” message to the participants.

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An Exclusive Phone For The Blind

The Android 1.1 update was released on February 9, 2009,for T-Mobile G1 only but was later extended to other versions too.
Hopefully this will be me as I put together some form of iPhone App Development Tutorial for all you aspiring developers!

5 Best Android Tablet Weather Apps

Organize your time and tasks hands-free with Play My Emails in Outlook

You can also update your status to all your accounts directly with one single update. Colornote allows you to place editable post-it notes on your homescreen to help curb some of that forgetfulness. It can also keep you entertained for hours on end.

300,000 Android activations per day; this number was recently tweeted by a Google executive and is generally accepted as a reliable source. While this figure does not correspond one-to-one to the number of Android platforms sold per day, just a few months ago that number of devices was “only” 200,000 per day. Considering the rate of growth, the 300,000 figure is certainly realistic now. That equals at least 10 million Android activations per month.

Ironically, Apple rejected three Google Apps for inclusion in its App store and most iPhone and iPad users search the Internet with Google from their Apple devices. With the success of the iPhone, Apple had an opportunity to change its ways. The company chose to do what has always not worked for it, and the future belongs to Google and android developers because of it.

The Camera on the Galaxy s2 is one of the best on the market. The Galaxy s2 has a rear facing 8.1 megapixel camera which can capture even the smallest of detail. The Galaxy s2 can output pictures with a resolution of (3264*2448) which is incredible for a mobile phone. The Galaxy s2 also comes equipped with a LED flash which is so powerful it could light up a football stadium! The Galaxy s2 also has a front facing 2 megapixel camera which can be used apps for programmers video calls or Skype. The Galaxy s2 can also take videos, because of the 1.2GHz processor the Galaxy s2 can video in full HD (1080p) at over 30 frames per second.

If you want the biggest selection of apps, then the Apple App Store has the advantage by about 200,000 apps. The Android Market isn’t a slouch by any means, as it does have over 100,000 apps, it just has less. Most developers develop for the Apple App Store first because people are more accustomed to paying for apps on the iPhone than they are on Android. The biggest difference is in games – quite simply, there are far better games available for the iPhone than on Android at the moment.

Of course, if you really want to 1-Up your friends and colleagues then go for some third-party android apps and games which you can get on the device by accessing the app market and checking out one of many third party app retail sites.

3D Games that keep you entertained while you wait. The iPhone already comes with a motion sensing gaming system. Enhancing the look will only make things better.

If you are in to IT and you know all technical specifications. More and more people are turning towards android-based phones and it is tough to think that this new phone would take all in to folly. However, truly, it is not that Windows phone 7 is just waste. It looks and feels great. You can even use it rather than your blackberry but you need to keep away from comparison. If you were not in to IT then surely you would love this new Windows Phone 7 from Microsoft.

Google will release the Android platform available under the Apache free-software and open-source license. Advanced Task Killer – If you don’t get this app, you’ll be recharging your phone 3-4 times per day.

Organize your time and tasks hands-free with Play My Emails in Outlook programming.

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